Effectively today ARAMA TECH NORDICS ApS is integrated into ARAMA TECH B.V. and is the base for the ARAMA TECH B.V. division Professional Services for the Nordics, focused on the HP Enterprise Security and Websense partnership. Arama Tech Nordics and all public media means such as website and email will be closed in order to maintain one single face to the market: that of ARAMA TECH B.V.!
ARAMA TECH B.V. will have office locations in the Netherlands and Denmark, being present in both regions. The current website will remain unchanged, with the exception of the office locations.
We are confident that operating only one ARAMA TECH in the Benelux and Nordics creates clarity to our partners and the market and allows us to sustain an effective and efficient growth, maintaining the high quality of services which supports our corporate vision and mission the fullest.
There will be only one ARAMA TECH Professional Services division, but with dedicated teams for the Benelux and Nordics, with home bases in respectively The Netherlands and Denmark. We are confident that a dedicated Professional Services team for the Benelux and one for the Nordics will support the growing business with our partners and will contribute to achieving our mutual goals.
Finally, we would like to emphasize nothing will change concerning the single point of contact and John Troch will remain the primary contact person for all partner, sales and technical matters.
In case you may have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to ask them! We will answer in full transparency!
Best regards,
John Troch and Bjarne Erichsen

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